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A further look into the disarray that is al-Qaeda – CommanderJimC from the MSN group Pro-America/Pro-Conservative had this to say about my comments that Osama bin Laden might not be the biggest threat from that terrorist group anymore:

My friend and comrade in arms, a General USMC (ret.) has been to Afghanistan recently and says much the same as your mini essay of 28 May re: Osama bin Laden. All indications are that the al-Qaida terrorist network is fragmented and in a state of chaos and confusion but none the less dangerous to the west. Abu Musab al- Zarqawi may be more intent upon doing major damage to the free word than OBL!

There are some indications that OBL may be ill and unable to carry on as al-Qaida’s leader, but as you indicated, unless we either capture or kill him, we are “losing the war on terrorism” in the eyes of the biased media!

But in this sound-bite-driven news media we have, I wonder if anyone would take the time to figure out if this was true or not. And if they did, would it ever be reported?

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