Another clear indica…
Another clear indication of how Democrats run their campaigns based on the here-and-now, hoping their constituents forget the past, is this article in USA Today. Most Democrats around the country are either not using that “D” word, aligning themselves with Bush, keeping Clinton and Daschle away from the state, or some combination of the above. Democrats can trust their core voter base to ignore their legislative records and vote on emotion and imagery come Election Day. Hopefully, those who have voted Democrat in the past and who consider the issues (sadly, a shrinking population) will see through this.

I think Ann Coulter said it best when she responded to the New Jersey switcharoo, “If Democrats could get away with it, they’d claim to be running ‘Ronald Reagan’ in all elections and then fill the seats with the equivalent of James Carville.” And apparently the New Jersey Supreme Court would find nothing wrong with that.

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