Hugh Hewitt played a…
Hugh Hewitt played a clip of a speech given by Barbara Boxer yesterday on the floor of the Senate where she referred to the Madrid train bombings as a “rail accident”.

Yeah, and 9/11 was an “airline mishap”.

Now we all know that Boxer misspoke (albeit in a huge way). But imagine the Democrats’ reactions if Bush had said something like that. Do you think for one moment that her intelligence will be questioned in the slightest way, if at all, in the same way that Bush’s would be? Bush haters start from the assumption that Bush is stupid, and any misstatement is proof of some sort of sub-50 IQ, while giving folks like Boxer a free pass when they call terrorist bombings an “accident”.

(And, as I and others have mentioned before, the same guy they consider a dunce they simultaneously consider some sort of evil genius, as well as, amazingly, kowtowing to both the Saudi Arabs and the Israeli Jews. The internal inconsistencies are mind-boggling.)

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