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Public Service Announcement. For a conglomeration of all the posts from all the RNC-credentialed bloggers, visit RNCBloggers, and keep on browser window open to it all day.

I read a lot of negative comments about how the bloggers handled the Democrat National Convention, but if it was as bad as those folks said, it would be because it was the first time. There was the novelty of it all (“Oh look, Clinton’s speaking now…”), and you can hardly blame those bloggers for the quality. I read some of it but not enough to form a good opinion of it (especially since I’d have probably done far worse), but it seemed OK to me. Hopefully, the RNC bloggers, having a bit of hindsight working for them, will do better. So far, it’s looking good. (But again, am I the guy to go to for a decent review? >grin<)

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