From the Wandering M…
From the Wandering Mind comes this information about connections between al Qaeda and Saddam, straight from the horse’s…son.

AMMAN, Aug 29 (AFP) – Iraq is attracting Islamic militants from across the world determined to join the “holy war” against the US-led occupation, the son of Osama bin Laden’s mentor Abdullah Azzam told AFP in an interview.

“Hundreds of Muslims from all over Arab and non-Arab countries go to Iraq to help the resistance end the occupation, spurred by the conviction that jihad is a duty against the occupier,” said Hudayfa Azzam, 34.

He also claimed that the former regime of Saddam Hussein “strictly and directly controlled” members of bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda terror network in Iraq before the US invasion, as charged by members of US President George Bush’s administration but refuted by other experts.

Experts who, no doubt, know better than bin Laden’s son what was going on in Iraq. Listen closely to how the American press will investigate this.

Or not.

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