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Brain Shavings has read his copy of “Unfit for Command” and comments on a portion of it where Kerry tried to bargain with one of the original organizers of “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”. Kerry would rewrite his admittedly unfair representation of this Admiral in Kerry’s book “Tour of Duty” if the Admiral would stop his efforts to challenge him.

That’s all you need to know, both about Kerry and about the SBVT’s revelations. As the charges continue to come out, I think we’ll see that it’s not just about “Christmas in Cambodia”. There’s a lot more waiting to explode on the scene.

Also, he’s got a great graphical description of John Kerry’s definition of the phrase “served together”.

(Check out the “Homespun Bloggers” blogroll. That’s where I found him. The list just keeps on growing; who can keep up? >grin<)

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