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A Considerettes Public Service Announcement: I peruse my web server logs frequently, and I’m noticing a few folks coming to this site who are going directly to the archive page for this month. No doubt these are folks who felt this site worth bookmarking, having come from the Instapundit link of a week and a half ago. With the Blogger service, permalinks go to a specific point in the archive page, so there’s just one page per month in the archives, not one per post. So while your bookmarked page seems to be continually updated properly, it’ll come to a screeching halt come September 1st. To avoid the impression that this blog will have been abandoned at that time, check the URL you just came to. If it ends with:


then you’ve bookmarked the archive page. Just delete that portion of the URL and you’ll get the main page, which shows post just from the last week (instead of the whole month of August). I’m honored that y’all thought this blog worth bookmarking, and I just want to make sure you are where you intend to be.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to the regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.

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