Bryan Preston is put…
Bryan Preston is putting his money where his mouth is. First the background:

In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, it’s about letting enemy propaganda influence our troops who are on the front lines protecting us from terrorists. Michael Moore’s films and books outrageously charge that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are irrelevant to the war against jihad, and that both wars have only been undertaken to make President Bush and his friends rich. Moore’s lies have found their way to Iraq thanks to a clever little game he played with file sharing: He permitted his fans to share bootlegged files of his Fahrenheit 9-11 film, burn them to cd or dvd and send them to US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military theatres, caught in a bind between a popular yet truthless film and a possible charge of censorship if they didn’t run it, chose to run Fahrenheit 9-11. That has managed to give hack crockumentarian Michael Moore the imprimatur of the Pentagon’s approval.

According to several reports, the results of all this have been devastating. Certainly not every unit has been effected, and certainly no majority of the troops have bought into Moore’s lies, but in any group of 130,000 to 150,000 young individuals you will find enough people who will believe anything, and enough of them will become disgruntled or disillusioned enough to despise the very country and leadership that sent them to war. For commanders in the field, this can create a potential morale and discipline problem.

So what’s Bryan going to do about it?

What Moore did in making that film was unconscionable, and what he did in making it available both via pirated files and even via the Army and Air Force Exchange Service–which operates theatres on bases around the world–is unforgivable. Michael Moore is trying to make sure we lose this war. His new book is just one more part of that effort. We are at war with the very same enemy that murdered in cold blood 3,000 innocents on 9-11, yet Moore chose to make President Bush the villian of his film. We are at war with the same enemy that is currently capturing and beheading civilians, including charity workers, and Moore insists that those killers are “the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen…and they will win.”

Only if we let them. And part of letting them win is leaving Moore’s shameless propaganda unchallenged. That’s where Truth for Troops comes in. Truth for Troops is the counterattack to Moore’s vicious lies. Truth for Troops gives you a chance to make a difference in this war where it will count the most–on the front lines, with the troops who are gallantly sacrificing so much to keep us safe. We can send DVDs of a movie that directly refutes Moore’s lies, with a bipartisan cast. We owe it to the troops to make sure Michael Moore’s insidious and evil manipulations don’t stand as this generation’s understanding of the war. We owe it to our troops to treat them better than Michael Moore has. He has lied to them about this war; we owe them the truth. That’s what Truth for Troops is about.

The web site isn’t up yet (see today’s post on it for more details), but it will be soon, possibly tomorrow.

See, blogs aren’t just for folks to talk, it can also produce a groundswell for action as well. Sure this kind of thing has been done on the net before, but I think with all the cross-talk among blogs the word can really get around. E-mail from a buddy asking for help in an endeavor has been the way it was done before, but the conversation in the blogosphere can be to a larger audience. (And you can’t Google an E-mail making the rounds.)

Go get ’em, Bryan.

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