Sometime soon, I wil…
Sometime soon, I will be embarking on an adventure, full of danger, with many twists & turns. Hopefully, I will come out of this unscathed, but there are never any guarantees in this endeavor.

I refer, of course, to changing my web hosting service.

A buddy of mine has graciously let me “sub-let” a portion of his space, and even having given me fair warning that he planned on removing this account in early summer, it’s still here. But it’s time for me to launch out on my own. This means, for them what cares, getting a new space, moving everything over to it, and >gulp< get the name servers switched with minimal downtime.

Anyway, just fair warning. If, at some point in the next month you find that the web site has seemed to disappear, fear not. I’ll be back.

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