Tim Blair has his ow…
Tim Blair has his own mondo post on the allegedly fake documents touted by “60 Minutes” on Bush’s National Guard duty, but he makes a link to my fisking of Blumenthal yesterday that, I’ll have to admit, I should have seen myself. (OK, and he also gave me an actual web link on Spleenville, too. I’ll have to admit that, too. >grin<)

Sid’s big point was that the Guard service issue was going to make it Bush’s turn to squirm, but Sid’s new “evidence of the President’s fudged war record” is, in large part, these potentially bogus documents. Blair refers to it as a modern classic in the tradition of “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Too funny.

And Dan Rather’s digging the trenches (some might say “graves”) himself for CBS, putting his own credibility on the line. (Although most of the blogosphere was already doing that for him.) PowerLine believes that the only reason he’d do this is that Rather himself is the source of the documents (at least within CBS News itself; no telling if/where he got them outside of the organization), and that, as his last, big contribution to Kerry before retiring, he plans on getting the Democrat elected.

Truly amazing to watch.

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