Story of my life: W…
Story of my life: While I was busy today writing up the previous post (during breaks from work, of course), the whole blogosphere erupted on another subject, doing the fact-checking on the “60 Minutes” likely-forged memo that the mainstream media prides itself on. The obligatory link to PowerLine is in order. They’ve been on this case all day, and it looks like CBS was just a bit too eager to jump on another anti-Bush story. I have to believe that if they were anywhere near as balanced as they claim to be, they’d be less likely to fall for this. In the rush that I think was going on to air this, bias reared its ugly head, and got bitten off at the neck.

That’s what bias will do for you. I’ll admit that I’ve had to retract things I wrote on here, because my bias kicked in and I accepted something too easily. Of course, I’m not a major news organization touting claims of balance; I’m a humble blogger wearing his opinionation on his sleeve. They have a higher bar to clear. That doesn’t absolve me of being as accurate as I can, of course. But at least I’m honest about my bias.

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