Spent half of the 3-…
Spent half of the 3-day weekend up in north Georgia. It was very relaxing (moreso because my T-Mobile cell phone doesn’t get a signal where we stayed).

So now the presidential campaign gets back into full swing, with a new book by Kitty Kelley alleging, among other things, that Dubya has done drugs in the past, as recently as Camp David when his father was President. While I’d agree that this could be considered a character issue, Bush has never said he didn’t “inhale” when he was young.

Bush has admitted being an alcoholic but, asked during the 1999 election if he did drugs, he said: “I’ve told the American people that years ago I made some mistakes.

“I’ve learned from my mistakes and should I be fortunate enough to become president I will bring dignity and honour to the office.”

Later an aide clarified his remarks saying Bush hadn’t taken illegal drugs in the past 25 years.

Here are a few points to consider in all of this that I’m sure will continue to appear over the coming weeks.

  • As I said, Bush didn’t try the “but I didn’t inhale” business, that even Clinton supporters had a hard time believing. He admits to unspecified “mistakes”.
  • Assuming he did do cocaine during the first Bush presidency and the family covered it up, it’ll be interesting to hear the Clinton apologists, who said that lying about an extra-marital affair was no big deal because anyone would do it, will react to a guy lying about drug use. In an apples-to-apples comparison, they’ll come out looking bruised. (And again, the Clinton impeachment was not for lying about sex, but lying under oath to a court. Dubya’s not done anything like that.)
  • I think it would be an interesting bit of irony for Bush to ask Kerry to publicly denounce this. I’d really like hear what Kerry would say to that (even though I’m sure Ms. Kelley isn’t a 527 organization).

How do diehard Democrats react to the new of dirt on the Bushes dished up by a gossip? Ask Abe from the Daily Kos.

The Kitty Kelly Bush family book is coming in less then two weeks, and the rumors dem spreading. Wild, unsubstantiated rumors. Just the way I like them.

Guess she’s a better source than 250 Vietnam vets? Hmmm….

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