With regards to fier…
With regards to fiery political speeches delivered by Zell Miller, that was then:

MRC’s Jessica Anderson tracked down our DVD recording of the July 14, 1992 Good Morning America. News reader Mike Schneider offered this summary during the 8am EDT news update: “This year’s Democrats are trying to chart a new course for their party, a winning course. One of the keynote speakers, Barbara Jordan, summed it up best, perhaps, by saying, ‘It’s time for the Democrats to convince the American people to trust them to govern again.’ But while that new message was being spun out, some of the other speakers engaged in the time-honored tradition of attacking the opposition.”

…and this is now.

On Thursday morning’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos seemed the most offended by the Wednesday night convention speeches delivered by Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic Senator Zell Miller. Gibson complained that “the Vice President and Senator Miller pounded and pounded and pounded. It may have been very effective politics; it was not subtle.” Stephanopoulos characterized Miller as out of control: “The Vice President was very, very tough, but Zell Miller was on a tirade. I mean, he was red faced, red meat for the red states.”

Attacks by Democrats are part of a “time-honored tradition” in politics, but from Republicans it’s out of control. That’s the “then and now” contrast that should be drawn, not the false one cobbled together by Georgia Democrats.

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