Same-sex marriage up…
Same-sex marriage update:

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – A state judge Tuesday threw out a Louisiana constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Judge William Morvant said the amendment – overwhelmingly approved by the voters on Sept. 18 – was flawed as drawn up by the Legislature because it had more than one purpose: banning not only gay marriage but also civil unions.

Georgia also has a similar rule about constitutional amendments; that they must address only one question. However, Georgia’s amendment doesn’t ban civil unions. It just states that it wouldn’t treat out-of-state same-sex unions of any sort legally as marriage, since they don’t meet the amendment’s definition of marriage. It sounds like a simple case of saying “This is what marriage is, and the state won’t recognize anything that isn’t this.”

But then, I’m not a lawyer. We’ll have to see. The vote on November 2nd probably isn’t the end of it.

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