Kofi lied, people di…
Kofi lied, people died.

A secret Syrian and Iraqi smuggling network that made billions of dollars busting U.N. sanctions during Saddam Hussein’s regime is now involved in organizing and financing violent anti-U.S. guerrillas in Iraq, The Post has learned.

According to U.S. intelligence officials and Syrian exiles, the network, once involved in oil and arms smuggling as well as scamming the U.N. oil-for-food program before the war, has morphed into an increasingly organized command and control structure to coordinate much of the terrorist campaign in Iraq.

The officials said the shadowy structure, with bases of operation in Syria, is made up of Saddam’s cousins, clansmen and ex-aides who are actively supported by some family members of Syria’s ruling elite and at least two powerful Syrian generals.

“It is part of a pattern of relationships that started in the 1990s for strategic and commercial purposes. It involved a lot of very powerful families from both countries who made millions of dollars together,” said Farid Jhadry of the Reform Party of Syria, an exile group with close contacts at the Pentagon and State Department.

So the UN financed the insurgency we’re now having to deal with. No wonder they don’t want to get involved in this; they know how much money these guys have at their disposal.

Just remember this when folks say we’re “losing the peace”. This insurgency was bought and paid for by this supposed paragon of world peace, and they have the gall to blame it on us. This is really too much.

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