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Wanna volunteer for the Iraqi defense force? A number of folks are with a group called “We The People”. They, a hundred or so communists from the Romanian Workers Party and an eclectic mix of other countries are shipping out to become Saddam’s human shields. They bristle, of course, at the suggestion that they’re essentially working for Hussein. Still, the Baghdad government is welcoming them with open arms, since it beats having to kidnap Westerners or getting off a lucky shot and taking down a British air force pilot. Saves time and money for Saddam, while boosting his PR campaign. And somehow this isn’t working for him?

Well, the head of “We The People”, Ken Nichols, says that, no, he’s not working for Saddam because we gave him his biological weapons in the first place. Now there’s a non-sequiter if there ever was one. If we gave him those weapons, that doesn’t negate the treaty he signed to get rid of them. That has nothing at all to do with people going overseas with the intention of giving their lives for a murderous dictator. Regardless of the origin of his weapons, going there to promote his cause is “working for him”. This is a pro-Saddam move, plain and simple.

It’s also demonstrably an anti-American move as well. Nichols goes on to say that George W. Bush is the biggest threat to world security at this time, not Hussein. I guess I’d really like to know what his definition of “world security” is. Sounds like a new war joke in the making. “Hey, what’s the difference between Bush and Hussein? One kills his own people, ignores treaties he’s signed, shoots at UN-sanctioned patrols, won’t explain where all his VX nerve gas went and cavorts with Al-Qaeda terrorists…and the other is a threat to world security.”

But wait, there’s more! Nichols started this group partially in “penance” for his participation in the Gulf War. He’s so sorry and beside himself over having liberated a country and returning stability to the region, that he’s going to make up for it by protecting the dictator that overran Kuwait in an attempt to gain more power for himself by controlling more oil fields (Saddam being the actual “Blood for Oil” guy). Perhaps Nichols ought to take his alleged “penance” all the way, and fight in the Iraqi Republican Guard to retake Kuwait, since he’s so sorry for kicking Saddam out of there.

This is not just blindly anti-war, it’s overtly anti-American, plainly pro-Saddam, and completely unjustifiable.

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