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Planned Parenthood dismisses the idea that there is any link at all between having an abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Studies have shown that abortion is not associated with breast cancer. Undaunted by the absence of compelling evidence, anti-choice extremists insist on making the connection anyway. Once more they are using misinformation as a weapon in their campaign against safe, legal abortion.

However, it appears they’re not willing to publicly argue the science in court.

For the first time, a court ordered a judgment against an abortion clinic for performing the procedure without informing the patient of psychological risks and increased risk of breast cancer.

The lawsuit against the All Women’s Health Services clinic in Portland, Ore., was the second of its kind in the U.S. to be successfully prosecuted but the first to obtain a judgment.

Jonathan Clark, attorney for the 19-year-old plaintiff, told WorldNetDaily he believes the judgment “makes a pretty powerful statement about the science,” indicating the clinic was not willing to argue against the claim that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.

“This case was set to be tried in Multnomah County, which is a very liberal county where folks are inclined to lean towards abortion,” he said. “But in the trial setting, the science would have come under close scrutiny.”

The clinic made an offer of judgment last year enabling the plaintiff, who was 15 at the time of the May 2001 abortion, to win the lawsuit without a trial. The judge signed the agreement Monday. The amount of the judgment was not disclosed.

This action may open the door for others, since PP doesn’t seemed to want to put it’s claims to the test.

Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, said in a statement that women in the position of the plaintiff will not receive justice until they file civil lawsuits.

“Women have been told lies about the research and have been cruelly exploited by two industries — the breast cancer fund-raising industry and the abortion industry,” she said.

The plaintiff has a family history of breast cancer, which she indicated on the clinic intake forms.

Malec points to research in 1994 at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center by Janet Daling and her colleagues, showing teenagers with a family history of the disease who procure abortions before age 18 have an incalculably high breast cancer risk.

Biological and epidemiological evidence also indicates abortions that occur before the birth of a first child are the most carcinogenic, Malec said.

And who do you think has been aiding and abetting PP in this bit of denial?

In the process of researching the case, Clark said he came across many media headlines that slanted studies on abortion and breast cancer.

“As I read the studies, which we would have tried to bring into evidence [if there had been a trial], they often showed abortion does pose increased risk for breast cancer,” Clark said.

Oh, that liberal media, who are more concerned with their pet issues than keeping women from disease.

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