First climate change…
First climate change scientists tell us that curbing fossil fuels may actually speed up global warming. And now climate change scientists tell us to…curb fossil fuels.

The global warming danger threshold for the world is clearly marked for the first time in an international report to be published tomorrow – and the bad news is, the world has nearly reached it already.

The countdown to climate-change catastrophe is spelt out by a task force of senior politicians, business leaders and academics from around the world – and it is remarkably brief. In as little as 10 years, or even less, their report indicates, the point of no return with global warming may have been reached.

The report urges all the G8 countries to agree to generate a quarter of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and to double their research spending on low-carbon energy technologies by 2010. It also calls on the G8 to form a climate group with leading developing nations such as India and China, which have big and growing CO2 emissions.

They don’t know why it may be happening, they don’t really know if man is causing it, and they can’t agree on what will change it, if anything. Again, is this the kind of thing we want to base public policy decisions on? If we’d followed the “global freezing” crowd’s advice in the 70s, what kind of hit would our economy have taken because of bad science?

UPDATE: WorldNetDaily covers this report today, but also notes this about the circumstances surrounding Russia’s signing of the Kyoto Protocol:

The report comes just three weeks before the Kyoto Protocol, designed to deal with the climate change issue, takes legal effect on signatories Feb. 16.

The controversial Kyoto Protocol became binding on industrialized nations who have signed onto it after Russia reluctantly moved to ratify it.

But, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reports, Vladimir Putin’s personal economic adviser, Andrei Illarionov, said last summer Russia’s approval of Kyoto came under severe duress – an “all-out and total war on Russia” directed by Blair. He said the pressure included “bribes, blackmail and murder threats.”

Illarionov said global warming advocates refused to answer questions posed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at a Moscow symposium. He claimed British science advisers tried to stop skeptics from being heard.

“When this attempt to introduce censorship … failed, other attempts were made to disrupt the seminar,” said Illarionov.

Illarionov said “none of the assertions made in the Kyoto Protocol and the ‘scientific’ theory on which it is based have been borne out by actual data. … There is no evidence confirming a positive linkage between the level of carbon dioxide and temperature change. If there is such a linkage, it is of a reverse nature. … The statistical data … are often considerably distorted if not falsified.”

One wonders if other countries signatures are just results of this kind of coercion.

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