Some of the voluntee…
Some of the volunteer “human shields” are shocked–SHOCKED–to discover the targets they’re being asked to protect are rather closely situated to Iraqi army bases. Imagine that. An article in the London Telegraph (free registration required) informs us that, in one case…

Fifteen volunteers from the first 200 shields are moving into a bunker at the South Baghdad Electricity Plant in an effort to deter attack by America and its allies. However some of the shields yesterday questioned Iraq’s selection of the power plant, after discovering that it is situated next to an army base.

Since the shields’ first visit to examine their new quarters, sandbags and unmanned check points had been erected around the plant. Asked about the neighbouring Rasheed military base, an Iraqi official said: “Don’t worry, it is a small army camp.”

Heh heh…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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