Better late than nev…
Better late than never.

MADRID (AFX) – Spain’s Islamic Commission, which groups the nation’s Muslim community, said it was issuing a fatwa against Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,
‘We are going to issue a fatwa (religious decree) against Bin Laden this afternoon,’ Mansour Escudero, who leads the Federation of Islamic religious entities (Feeri) and co-secretary general of the Spanish governmenmt-created [sic] Commission told AFP.
The Commission invited Spanish-based imams to condemn terrorism at Friday prayers, when the whole country will be remembering the 191 people who were killed in the train blasts and the 1,900 injured a year ago.
The attacks have been blamed on mainly Moroccan Islamic extremists loyal to Bin Laden.
‘We have called on imams to make a formal declaration condemning terrorism and for a special prayer for all the victims of terrorism,’ Escudero said.

Why it took this long is beyond me. 3+ years since 9/11 and finally a large group of Muslims is going on the record with a fatwa no less. Again, good to see it, but why didn’t it happen in late 2001 or early 2002?

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