UN Weapons Inspectio…
UN Weapons Inspections: Day 69: Looks like things are breaking down around Saddam Hussein. A (former) senior bodyguard of his has fled to Israel with details of weapons caches, bunkers and assembly areas.

If this information turns out to be true, then weapons inspections should immediately cease and Saddam should be immediately removed from power. There would be no possible way for the anti-war crowd to press for “further inspections”, since that process would obviously be unreliable, relying solely on defectors to do what weapons inspectors can’t. If inspections themselves are proved pointless, there is no reason to push for more of the same. Of course, this is thus something the UN is likely to suggest, even if they find smoking guns, bomb and missiles, because that’s what all bureaucracies do; if something isn’t working, spend more time and money on it.

If these reports pan out, it should be over for Hussein. Anyone who would wish to give him more time at that point wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in trying to defend themselves against accusations of being pro-Hussein.

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