When being political…
When being politically correct, make sure you’re multilingual about it.

As the battle over Christmas continues across America this year, consumers are taking notice for themselves.

In Austin, Texas, for instance, a banner was displayed this weekend at a new Lowe’s home-improvement store.

In English, the sign reads: “Now Here! Fresh Cut Holiday Trees.”

But in Spanish, the sign reads: “Now Here! Fresh Cut Christmas Trees.”

“It’s OK to offend all the English-speaking Christians, but no, not the Spanish speakers. They may be just visiting,” a WorldNetDaily reader in Austin said.

“By the way,” the reader noted, “they only had ‘Christmas’ tree stands for their fresh cut ‘Holiday’ trees.”

C’mon, we all really know what they are. They’re not Hanukkah nor Kwanzaa nor Ramadan trees, because there are no such things. Is it really offensive to walk past something labelled a Christmas Tree, but calming to the soul if it’s labelled a Holiday Tree? This is what passes for liberal “tolerance” and “sensitivity”. What it is, is simply foolish.

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