Al-Qaida seems to be…
Al-Qaida seems to be having PR issues, exacerbated by poor aim.

Al-Qaida claimed responsibility Thursday for three suicide bomb attacks on Western hotels that killed at least 56 people, linking the deadly blasts to the war in Iraq and calling Amman the “backyard garden” for U.S. operations.

Who were the victims?

[Government spokesman Bassel Tarawneh] said the victims included 15 Jordanians, five Iraqis, one Saudi, one Palestinian, three Chinese, one Indonesian; 30 others hadn’t been identified.

Who were they aiming for? (Ellipses in original except the last one)

The al-Qaida claim, posted on a militant Internet site, said Jordan became a target because it was “a backyard garden for the enemies of the religion, Jews and crusaders … a filthy place for the traitors … and a center for prostitution.”

The hotels, frequented by Israelis and Americans among other foreign guests, have long been on al-Qaida’s hit list.

So far, looks like they missed. Remember the intercepted inter-office memo between Zarqawi and Zawahiri that mentioned the fact that killing more and more Arabs wasn’t really helping the cause? Looks like Zarqawi’s concerns were well-founded. These guys can no longer tell when they’re gaining or losing. Their hate has consumed them.

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