Jeff Jacoby chronicl…
Jeff Jacoby chronicles the press’ accentuating of the negative and virtually ignoring the positive. As I figured, big coverage of American losses, hardly a peep about the victories. Jacoby concludes:

Every death in Iraq is heartbreaking. The 2,000th fatality was neither more nor less meaningful than the 1,999 that preceded it. But if anything makes the death toll remarkable, it is how historically low it is. Considering what the war has accomplished so far — the destruction of the region’s bloodiest dictatorship, the liberation of 25 million Iraqis, the emergence of democratic politics, the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, the abandonment by Libya of its nuclear weapons program — it is hard to disagree with Norman Podhoretz, who notes in the current Commentary that these achievements have been ”purchased at an astonishingly low cost in American blood when measured by the standards of every other war we have ever fought.”

But that isn’t a message Big Media cares to emphasize. Hostile to the war and to the administration conducting it, the nation’s leading news outlets harp on the negative and pessimistic, consistently underplaying all that is going right in Iraq. Their fixation on the number of troops who have died outweighs their interest in the cause for which those fallen heroes fought — a cause that advanced with the ratification of the new constitution.

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