Global warming updat…
Global warming update #1:

NEW DELHI – The Indian capital Sunday saw its first winter frost in 70 years as a cold wave sweeping in from the Himalayas killed more people in northern India overnight, officials said.

The capital city of 14 million people ordered schools shut for three days from Monday as the mercury for the first time since 1935 fell to 0.2 degrees Celsius (32.36 Fahrenheit), leaving mounds of ice on parked cars.

Global warming update #2:

The snow country, ensconced between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps, is one of the world’s snowiest regions and typically lies under a dozen feet of snow for several months a year. But the coldest winter in decades has brought record snowfalls to the region in recent weeks.

The snow has buried cars and houses and trifled with Japan’s famed bullet trains. It has flanked plowed streets with 10-foot-high walls of snow and transformed towns into white labyrinths inside which human beings scurry as if they were mice.

One of the hardest-hit areas, the town of Tsunan here in Niigata Prefecture, lay under nearly 13 feet of snow in recent days. Old-timers say it is the heaviest snowfall since 1945, a year remembered here as much as for its 23 feet of snow as for the end of World War II.

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