Are we making progress in Iraq? Streiff at Redstate displays the map for all to see of the areas that were under Iraqi police control starting in January ’05 and continuing through July ’05, January ’06 and up to August 23rd ’06. The area just keeps getting bigger and bigger. As Bush has said before, as they stand up, we’ll stand down, and that’s precisely what’s being done. We’re training them, we’re helping out with the hotspots, and preparing them to hold their own.

We’re still not going to be out of there anytime soon. Gen. George W. Casey Jr. says, “In 12 to 18 months Coalition presence will be decided by the Iraqi government.” But it will be their decision to make. No one’s saying that the insurgency will be over and done with, but Iraq will be dealing with it themselves. We’ll still probably maintain a presence there (as we do in quite a number of countries around the world). But we will have accomplished the mission of giving control of Iraq to the Iraqis. A republic, if they can keep it.

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