What liberal media? …
What liberal media? According to Bob Kohn, it’s all in the name.

When the news was good, they [the New York Times] were sure to identify President Clinton by name. When the news was bad, you couldn’t find Clinton’s name in the story.

Since Bush showed up, of course, the pattern has worked in reverse; blame on “Bush” but credit to “administration officials”. Kohn’s case study is the recent release of the 9/11 report. Bush is mentioned by name, but Clinton’s moniker is nowhere to be found, even when dates in the report clearly fall within his administration.

When can we expect to see a Times news analysis on how much our intelligence capabilities have improved since Bush took office? Or how much these improvements will benefit Bush’s re-election bid? Or how much this “scathing” congressional report will weigh on the much-vaunted Clinton legacy? The questions are rhetorical – we all know the answers.

Hold not thy breath.

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