Especially in Venezuela.  A few links from the past couple of weeks regarding the socialist "utopia".

When oil prices fall, suddenly Hugo Chavez can no longer afford to buy big guns, to finance terrorism, and to spread the wealth around.

Awash in oil, Hugo can’t even keep the lights on; electricity shortages to go along with food shortages.  As Pejman Yousefzadeh puts it, "I would delight in the Schadenfreude, but after having read this story, I feel more sorry for the people of Venezuela than I do happy to see yet another indication that the regime of Hugo Chavez is failing to provide basic services."

And when Hugo gets cranky, he starts to ponder jailing the opposition.  Without any specific charges, Chavez said of his former presidential rival, "I am determined to put Manuel Rosales behind bars. A swine like that has to be in prison."  Yup, now there’s a freedom fighter.

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