I’m a geek at heart …
I’m a geek at heart and I peruse all my web server log files because of that. 🙂 I have been noticing that some of y’all are coming here from having bookmarked my site after visiting it via the link from NRO’s “The Corner” blog. I know that because you’re coming in to the October-2003-only archive page, which is where the link from NRO pointed you (which is how Blogger created permalinks; via the archive page since entries don’t scroll off of there vs the main page where they do).

All this to say that if you bookmarked me after coming from NRO, check your bookmark. If it says:
change it to

And then you’ll keep seeing new posts when November comes.

(A public service announcement from Considerettes. Tax, tag, title and dealer prep extra. No log entries were harmed in the making of this blog entry. Percentage are APR with approved credit.)

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