When George W. Bush went into Afghanistan and Iraq, the Left predicted that the "Arab street" would erupt in protest against America. Other than the timing, under which US President, and the reason they would protest, they got it absolutely correct. >grin<

In Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan, the "Arab street" is indeed flooding the streets in protest, but years after the Left predicted it, and against their own governments. The Jordanian government has been dissolved, and it’s not at all sure that Egypt’s Mubarek will survive this uprising.

And what needs to change? King Abdullah II of Jordan put it this way.

The king also stressed that economic reform was a "necessity to provide a better life for our people, but we won’t be able to attain that without real political reforms, which must increase popular participation in the decision-making."

More democracy. Turns out, the Arab street wants to be more like America. Or even (heh) Israel. The human rights records of all these countries are pretty bad as well.

Part of this depends on who fills the leadership void, especially in Egypt. If it is radical Muslims, this could turn into another Iran. But that is not a foregone conclusion, so let’s pray for the best for the Arab people.

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