You can’t tell me th…
You can’t tell me that homosexuals just want to be left alone and do what they want to in private when this sort of thing is happening:

A Christian mother is appealing a judge’s decision that prohibits her from teaching her daughter that homosexuality is wrong.

Religious freedom in the home is being made subordinate to the promotion of homosexuality.

Oh, and those of you who say that religious freedom is OK as long as it’s in private (the “freedom from religion” crowd), I expect you to be opposing this just as forcefully.

Thanks to Eugene Volokh of The Volokh Conspiracy for pointing this out. He is correct in noting, “This is a troubling story, and it supports the arguments of some that the pursuit of gay rights is now sometimes suppressing the rights of others — free speech rights, religious rights, associational rights, and so on.” Homosexual groups have always hand-waved away the idea of some sort of social & political “homosexual agenda”. Individually, perhaps not, but as a group, it’s certainly looking like there’s an agenda here, and it’s making way too much headway.

Eugene’s a law professor, so it’s worth reading his whole initial analysis of this. It’s quite balanced for & against both sides.

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