I’ve written before about how Detroit had become the victim of big-spending, blue-state politics. The idea that government must do everything for everyone has been shown to be bankrupting. So many liberals will say, when conservatives want to cut this or that government program, that those conservatives don’t care, or even hate, those people who are served by that program. That is to say, if the government doesn’t do it, no one will, certainly not the private sector.

A private, for-profit business, the Threat Management Center, or TMC, has sprouted up in Detroit to pick up where the incompetent city government has left off. Dale Brown started TMC in 1995, initially to aid law enforcement. But after getting no interest from the cops, Brown just kept doing what he did best; helping prevent crime, rather than taking notes long after the bad guys got away. He’s paid, not by collecting fines like the city does, but by his customers. And if he doesn’t do the job, he doesn’t get paid and goes out of business, unlike a government that, with no competition, doesn’t care if they perform well or not. And thanks to TMC’s efficiency and profitability, they are also able to provide free or incredibly low-cost services to the poor as well.

Here’s an article about TMC, and another private enterprise; the Detroit Bus Company. The headline is, “This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit … And It’s Freaking Awesome”. It proves that private enterprise can handle essential services far better than the government can. Not that die-hard liberals will ever admit to it, in spite of the evidence. I really suggest you stop by the show notes and give it a read.

The profit motive works. For all of us.

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