So, how’s the cease-…
So, how’s the cease-fire talks amongst Palestinian terrorist groups coming along?

GAZA (Reuters) – A top official of Islamic group Hamas said Monday the recent lull in Palestinian militant suicide attacks against Israel was just a break between waves.

“The martyrdom operations come as waves so there are gaps between the waves,” Hamas chief spokesman Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi told Reuters in an interview. “We are just in the period of a gap between waves.”

So this lull is just a breath-catcher. Nothing’s really changed. But could it? Do the Palestinians really care about peace?

A day after the collapse of talks among Palestinian factions on a complete cease-fire with Israel — which Hamas opposed — Rantissi said Palestinian militants were emboldened by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s domestic woes and U.S. problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They’re seeing an opportunity for doing more damage–physical as well as political–so they’re taking it. They’re not interested in peace, they’re interested in victory. And that’s how Israel should look at it as well if they plan on dealing with terrorism. The Palestinians won’t be negotiated into peace, partially due to the (non)leadership of Arafat who, as his previous Prime Minister said, is really running the show.

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