Same-sex marriage li…
Same-sex marriage licenses a new thing? Not according to former Boulder, Colorado County clerk and recorder Clela Rorex.

As a newly elected political rookie in 1975, Rorex was approached by a same-sex couple who asked if she would issue a marriage license. After securing a legal opinion from the Boulder County district attorney at the time, who said state law did not preclude issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Rorex issued the license.

She’s very proud of what she did, “prouder than ever”, to be a precursor to what is happening now. But will she continue to be proud when things continue now as they did then?

Soon after [a ruling by the state attorney general that marriage was a union between a man and a woman], Rorex stopped issuing licenses, especially after a man came in trying to get a license for himself and his horse, Dolly. Rorex told him the horse was too young to get married without parental consent.

Not that it was nutty, not that it was immoral, but simply because of the age of the horse.

“I issued licenses because I didn’t want to be legislating morality,” Rorex said, adding she knew little about homosexuality at the time and did not know many gay people.

I have a feeling she knew little about what she was really doing to society, if it turns out the only reason to preclude a man/horse marriage is a question of age. She got a peek down the slippery slope, and promptly shut her eyes.

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