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Via The Command Post, the Israeli Foreign Ministry is putting out some “talking points” to keep in mind as the news media downplays the role Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin had in the terrorism in Israel. One of them is similar to what I said before about him being a “spiritual” leader to terrorists.

Trying to characterize Yassin as a “spiritual leader” is similar to trying to characterize Osama bin Laden in the same vein. Yassin took advantage of his status as a spiritual leader to influence the carrying out of hundreds of murderous attacks, from the Dolphinarium attack in Tel Aviv in 2001 to the Passover eve attack in Netanya in 2002. He personally was responsible for the June 2002 attack on the Number 19 bus in Jerusalem at the Patt Junction, in which 19 people were murdered and 74 wounded.

Remember, Hamas considers that being “spiritual”.

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