I guess it depends o…
I guess it depends on what you mean by “public”.

National Public Radio is being criticized for canceling a scheduled interview with an anti-evolution high-school biology teacher while allowing a pro-evolution teacher to appear on the program.

According to the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, which accuses the radio network of “censorship,” NPR canceled invited guest Roger DeHart “just hours before airing a program discussing the teaching of evolution.” The teacher was to appear on the May 21 edition of the “Science Friday” program.

Did they also refrain from airing the opposing teacher’s point of view?

“I wish I’d been allowed to present my side of the story,” said DeHart in a statement. “The teacher they had on made false claims such as Discovery Institute wanting to weaken the teaching of evolution. Nothing could be further from the truth, but NPR listeners will never know that because NPR only presented the one side.”

Whose definition of “Fair and balanced” is this?

According to DeHart, the producer who pre-interviewed him for the show said she was an atheist and insisted that scientists who are critical of evolutionary theory are merely promoting religion.

There’s your answer; a supposedly “unbiased” journalist. (Bet she considers herself a moderate.) Further evidence of a hard liberal slant at NPR.

“The censorship of DeHart is just another incident in a long list of biased reporting by NPR in what seems to be a campaign of misinformation about criticism of Darwinian evolution,” said Dr. John West, associate director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. “NPR has a history of presenting only one side of the issue, or misrepresenting critics of Darwin when their point of view is included.”

Other examples of this bias are itemized at the Discovery Institute’s website. And just so you know it’s not just NPR liberals that have this problem…

When DeHart was targeted in 2000 by the American Civil Liberties Union for his in-class criticism of evolution, he was muzzled – forced to clear all of his teaching materials with the school board’s curriculum committee.

“If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can’t question it, then it ceases to be science,” said DeHart at the time. “I don’t even want to teach creationism, I just want to teach the flaws of Darwinism.”

…the ACLU has it’s own band of them as well, eager to keep both sides of an issue away from the tender ears of our children, all in the name of (heh…get this) “civil liberties”. Thank you NPR and ACLU for giving us the “liberty” to ignore scientific evidence contrary to liberal positions. Except that it’s not “liberty” to ignore it, it’s their demand that it be forcibly removed from the national debate.

For fairness and balance, I’ll stock with Fox News. For all the jabs poked at it for the politics of its reporters and pundits, the actual news presented is far, far more balanced than you’ll find on NPR.

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