Some folks suggested…
Some folks suggested that Hussein should have been tried by the World Court in The Hague. Good thing he’s not, otherwise we could expect such “swift” justice as this:

The chief judge at The Hague says the trial of ex-Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic needs a “radical review” because of the defendant’s poor health.
Judge Patrick Robinson issued his warning after a court-appointed doctor’s report said Mr Milosevic needed to rest.

The judges delayed the start of Mr Milosevic’s defence case and said they would decide later how to proceed.

Mr Milosevic has been on trial for genocide and war crimes since 2002.

It’s been 2 years, and they’re only now getting ready to hear the defense case! And it could take much longer.

“The time has come for a radical review of the trial process,” Judge Robinson told the court.

Steven Kay, a lawyer appointed by the court to ensure that Mr Milosevic gets a fair trial, said the future of the trial was now in doubt.

“It’s quite clear over the past five months that [Milosevic’s] health had been gradually declining.

“It may well be that the court is at a stage now of having to consider that as a distinct issue on this trial as to his very fitness to stand trial at all.”

The guy’s going to die of natural causes (if the stress doesn’t kill him) before these folks finish nit-picking over procedure. And of course Milosevic, who’s representing himself, knows exactly how to play these guys like a violin.

Prosecutors finished their case in February, but BBC legal affairs analyst Jon Silverman says it did not deliver the spectacular knockout punch which it promised before the trial began.

Mr Milosevic’s witness list – at about 1,600 – is more than five times longer than the number called in two years by the prosecution.

It’s a very good thing that these folks aren’t in charge of the Hussein trial. And who knows how long these guys would’ve taken to handle the Nuremberg trials!

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