Europe is shocked–S…
Europe is shocked–SHOCKED–that Iran is acting nutty.

Iranian officials, under pressure to freeze their nuclear program, have stunned European diplomats at crisis talks in Paris this month by demanding advanced nuclear technology, conventional weapons, and a security guarantee against a nuclear attack by Israel.

The diplomats – from Britain, France, and Germany – were meeting the Iranians in an attempt to defuse the escalating crisis over Teheran’s nuclear program.

The Europeans were said to have been stunned by the move and, according to London’s Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, the Iranians’ demands had “gone down very badly” and had sharply raised the stakes.

The Iranians produced their letter as the European diplomats sought to convince them to honor an earlier agreement to suspend work on their controversial uranium enrichment program, which could be used to produce material for nuclear power stations – but also to make nuclear weapons.

According to the report, the Iranian officials refused point-blank to comply, saying they had every right under international law to pursue “peaceful” nuclear technology.

They then shocked the Europeans by turning the tables with their own set of demands, which were contained in the letter.

Wait’ll someone tells them that Jimmy Carter’s negotiations with North Korea didn’t actually result in them abandoning a nuclear weapons program.

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