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The Free Republic folks are now commenting on the Pelosi flip-flop on Porter Goss, and linking to the NewsMax opinion piece. I like the last line: “But hey, if she can now endanger national security to try to score points for Kerry … ” Yup, that’s exactly it; politicizing even the intelligence process for political gain.

And the major media are going right along with it, keeping her whiplash a secret. The Washington Post:

Aides had said six weeks ago that Bush was on the brink of naming Rep. Porter J. Goss of Florida to replace George J. Tenet, who left office a month ago today. Democratic senators, in unusually tough statements about a fellow lawmaker, warned that Goss would be an unacceptable choice because of what they described as his partisanship. Even some Republican senators said the confirmation battle would not be worth it.

Bush nominated him anyway.

Not a word about her sudden change of mind.

The NY Times:

In interviews, none of the Senate Democrats disputed that prediction. In fact, no Democratic senator declared an intention to oppose the nomination outright. Many said they were unhappy with what they perceived as Mr. Goss’s excessive partisanship, but they said they would withhold judgment until the hearings.

The word “Pelosi” doesn’t appear in the article at all, but concerns over “partisanship” are echoed by Sen. Clinton.

The only places to get the full story are places like NewsMax, Cybercast News Service, and Free Republic, which many folks would consider “right-wing”, but not even Fox News mentioned it. The only news service I see covering this is CNS. Once again, the major media is dropping the ball on a story that would damage a Democrat, possibly waiting for those it may damage to come up with a rebuttal before running with the story.

Yes, that liberal media.

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