Poor Michael Moore c…
Poor Michael Moore can’t buy a break. Bloggers have been showing his factual problems, and now even a member of the 9/11 commission (a source he loves to side with in his movie) calls him “less than honest”.

Fueling the “Fahrenheit 9/11” controversy, members of the 9/11 Commission dispute filmmaker Michael Moore’s claims that 26 members of Osama bin Laden’s family were secretly shuttled out of the country while planes were grounded after the terror attacks.

“That’s not what we found,” commission member Jamie Gorelick said of Moore’s assertion that the Saudis were snuck out on a charter flight on Sept. 13 in violation of airspace restrictions.

Gorelick told the Herald that restrictions had been lifted by the time the Saudi planes took off that day and that the FBI interviewed 22 of the 26 members. The others were cleared by the agency of any connection to the attacks, the commission found.

The commission’s findings have been hotly debated, with Moore saying they confirm his claims and detractors saying they prove him wrong. In the film, Moore suggests that the flights occurred with White House help when air traffic was grounded.

To prove his point, Moore mockingly says, “Even Ricky Martin couldn’t fly,” a reference to the singer being stranded at an airport.But Gorelick, a Washington, D.C., lawyer, said the filmmaker chose his words carefully and distorted the facts. “If you listen closely, it never says (in the film) that the planes left while the airspace was restricted,” Gorelick said.

The report finds “no credible evidence” that any chartered flights carrying Saudi nationals took off while restrictions were in place. The commission did confirm several of Moore’s other points, however, including finding that “most” of the 160 Saudis who left the country between Sept. 14 and 24 were not interviewed.

Now, this comment appears to be slightly at odds with what he said to the commission (which was slightly at odds with what he’d said before). It sounded like he said he authorized the flight, but Gorelick now says that the flight left when airspace was not restricted.

The technically correct phrase is in there somewhere, but the point it that no matter who you listen to, Moore is shown to have fabricated all this. Of course, even if he got bad information from what he though were reliable sources and ran with it, then by the same standards folks use on Bush for going to war with Iraq, MOORE LIED!!!

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