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Right Wing News asked a bunch of conservative bloggers, including me, 4 questions over the weekend, and the results are on his site this morning. Here were my answers:

1. Who will win the election? In a big show of confidence, the conservative bloggers picked Bush by a margin of 93% to 7%. I said Bush would win, but in a squeaker. I know a lot of other conservative pundits are predicting a bigger margin (Hugh Hewitt says, for instance, that the President will win 40 states), but as far as I can see, Kerry still has room to keep it close. If the historical rule about undecided voters breaking for the challenger is still true, Kerry could even win this. However, historical rules have been thrown out the window lately.

2. Do you think we’ll know who the winner is by the end of the day on November 3rd? Yes or no? That was a tough one to answer, and only 72% of the bloggers could say Yes. That’s still a clear majority, but it shows that the pre-emption that the DNC has advocated is causing uncertainty on this question. I said we would know, aside from the usual after-election legal wrangling that happens after every election. I don’t think that wrangling will rise to the level of 2000.

3 & 4. Will the GOP retain control of the House? Will the GOP retain control of the Senate? With a vote of 98% and 93% respectively, the conservative bloggers said the Republicans would hold both sides of Congress. I haven’t seen anything to make me think that control will change.

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