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Back on the 6th of this month, I noted that the Royal Bank of Canada was taking “tolerance” to the next level, requiring acceptance of homosexuality, suggesting that those who don’t promote it are “unsafe” to gays. They’ve since been the target of a successful boycott.

Canada’s largest bank has canceled its promotion of homosexuality with its employees after a pro-family organization sponsored a national boycott of the institution.

But after a boycott was launched by the Canada Family Action Coalition, the bank backed down, saying the rainbow promotion had “unintentionally created divisiveness.”

David Moorcroft, Royal Bank’s senior vice president announced the course reversal in a letter dated Oct. 14.

“Effective today, the sticker component of the program is being eliminated,” wrote Moorcroft.

The Canada Family Action Coalition hailed the move, saying bank executives heard from thousands of Canadians and “did the right thing.”

Said Dr. Charles McVety, president of CFAC: “The bank realized ‘based on the feedback received’ that the Rainbow Triangle Sticker program ‘has unintentionally created divisiveness’. Without such feedback, the Royal Bank would have continued its practice of marginalizing those who do not support homosexuality.”

Only folks who really have no clue about the ramifications of their own actions would call the results “unintentional”. I guess it’s another case of liberals supposing that everyone thinks like they do, and being totally unaware of the world outside themselves.

So then, do boycotts really work?

The bank says the boycott was not the reason it changed its policy.

“Any time someone boycotts us, it’s a concern,” Moorcroft is quoted by as saying. “But that’s not the reason we made the decision.”

The real reason they changed was due to the bruise that the “Clue Bat” left on them. I’ll bet that no one who instituted this policy considered for one nanosecond the parallel of doing this for any other random group (as in my original example of putting up cross stickers to show you’re “safe” for Christians). That’s the tunnel-vision of the left.

I’d call it “Grassroots Pandering”–coddling of a special group, not by a politician but by citizens–except that “pandering” implies some sort of thoughtful intent. I honestly don’t think that there was any real thought put into this, just emotion. Hopefully, they won’t hit the snooze alarm on their wake-up call.

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