In case you still be…
In case you still believe that ex-homosexuals don’t exist, here’s a film that you may want to consider:

A documentary featuring stories of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle will debut this month in response to the annual “National Coming Out Day.”

Occurring each year on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day is an event sponsored by the homosexual-advocacy group Human Rights Campaign. This year’s theme is “Come Out. Speak Out. Vote.” HRC is encouraging homosexuals to talk to their family and friends about their orientation.

The film, entitled “I Do Exist,” features people whose stories are not often heard, said the documentary’s producer, Warren Throckmorton Ph.D.

“Many in our country are skeptical that people who once identified as homosexual can make profound transformations,” Throckmorton said in a statement. “This 52-minute film introduces the audience to five such people along with expert commentary.”

Those behind the film hope it will raise the public’s awareness of ex-homosexuals and provide an alternative to HRC’s message of celebrating homosexuality.

“For too long, former homosexuals have been told they do not exist,” Throckmorton said. “Ex-gays are using this event to make a positive statement in contrast to the view that such change in sexual identity is not possible.”

It’ll never win an Academy Award (too un-PC), but it may be worth a look.

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