Here’s an editorial …
Here’s an editorial from last October that figures in to the brouhaha about what Bush new before 9/11. During the first week of October, 2001, the Washington Post reported that Clinton could have had Osama bin Laden handed to him on a silver platter, courtesy of Sudan, back in 1996. He refused, even after it was already evident he was gunning for America. Richard Miniter of the Wall Street Journal fleshed out the details; what the options were, and what was ultimately done. It includes the words of Clinton administration officials involved in the decision.

Once again, it’s a “both-or-neither” scenario. If Bush is culpable, then Clinton is, and a scandal about refusing to bring a terrorist to justice should’ve been a much bigger deal than complaints about imprecise intelligence. But this is the press, of course, running one negative story about their guy and hoping it would all go away. If Clinton isn’t culpable, then the reaction to Bush is purely political posturing.

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