You’d think the form…
You’d think the former president of CBS News, Van Gordon Sauter, might be more inclined to defend the folks there over the charges of liberal bias. But you’d be wrong.

What’s the big problem at CBS News?

Well, for one thing, it has no credibility. And no audience, no morale, no long-term emblematic anchorperson and no cohesive management structure. Outside of those annoyances, it shouldn’t be that hard to fix.

Personally, I have a great affection for CBS News, even though I was unceremoniously shown to the door there nearly 20 years ago in a tumultuous change of corporate management.

But I stopped watching it some time ago. The unremitting liberal orientation finally became too much for me. I still check in, but less and less frequently. I increasingly drift to NBC News and Fox and MSNBC.

I find this very interesting. Now, folks have been leveling the “liberal bias” charge against CBS for quite a long time, but apparently in the most recent 20 years it’s gotten so bad that even its former president can bear to listen to it. How damning is that?

However, Sauter seems to think that Les Moonves can bring the network to the center.

Although himself a liberal, Moonves will mandate a clear and defensible center for the news organization. CBS News long has been in third place — once an intolerable position. Much of that disaffected audience must be restored if CBS News is to be resurrected. Flavored news, of the right or left, won’t work. Networks must offer nonpartisan, objective news.

OK then, what’s he been doing all this time up until now? If he’s so committed to that why has he waited so long to do anything? Frankly, I don’t have as much faith in Moonves as Sauter has. Either that, or Sauter marks his “center” farther to the left than I think it really is.

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