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The Media Research Center reports that the media have been extremely eager to tie Bush to some scandal, and are using their tunnel-vision (right on cue) to hype the Bush angle on the issue of who knew what before 9/11/01. They continue to report things as though all bin Laden intelligence came in immediately following W’s inauguration. However, the MRC’s report shows one lone media voice is seeing this for what it is. Newsweek Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas called the whole story “phony” and “bogus”, and said that the media were just so eager for a scandal that they got all excited about it.

Lest one think that the media are always hungry for a scandal, consider this: ABC News reported on the discovery of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, physical evidence that Clinton did have “sexual relations with that woman”, in September of that year. Matt Drudge scooped them, though, by beating them to the story 7 months earlier in February. Where was the hunger for scandal (and accurate, timely reporting) then? The vigor with which the media has pursued the “phony” and “bogus” Bush story further shows their unequal treatment of conservatives and liberals.

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