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The Media Research Center notes that, based on coverage from CNN, Europeans find talk about God, good and evil “scary”

[CNN reporter Walter] Rodgers, from inside a studio: “Hello, Wolf. There was a collective sigh of relief in Europe after the President’s State of the Union address. Partially because this time there was no talk of new American military action anywhere, unlike two years ago when he scared Europeans with his talk about the axis of evil and unlike last year when Mr. Bush was about to unleash war on Iraq.

“Still, Europeans find the President’s talk about God and good and evil very scary, so there wasn’t much President Bush could say to ingratiate himself to Europeans, that is how badly he has alienated America’s traditional allies and analysts here say that alienation is not going to change until Mr. Bush leaves the White House.

Honestly, if that’s all it takes, then these “allies” have less feet of clay and more feet of vapor. Is it possible that this whole world, besides American conservatives, are comfortable discussing reality? Even if you don’t believe in God, certainly calling evil “evil” shouldn’t get folks shaking in their boots. That is, if you haven’t been re-educated to think that that is no such thing as good and evil. And I would imagine the two–belief in God and acknowledging good & evil–are rather tied together more closely than many would want to admit.

Of course, the problem with a non-God-centered definition of “evil” is that evil becomes what each individual thinks it is, and thus you get 6 billion versions of the definition, some radically different than others. That doesn’t make for much in the way of sanity when a body like the UN tries to gather “international support” for things, which is why they’re so ineffective against (or downright friendly with) obvious evils in the world, and so quick to denounce actions taken without their consent.

Fear of evil, or even speaking of evil, only makes you all the more susceptible to it. If you won’t call it what it is, you may find yourself more readily adopting it than shunning it.

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