Is Lebanon about to …
Is Lebanon about to go out of the frying pan into the fire?

JERUSALEM – As Syria prepares to withdraw some of its troops from positions in Lebanon, Iran has been fortifying Hezbollah bases and positioning itself to become the dominant force on the ground in Lebanon, senior opposition sources say.

“Iran sees the mounting pressure on its partner Syria to withdraw and is using it as an opportunity to become the next power broker in Lebanon,” a spokesman for the Druze opposition Progressive Socialist Party told WND. “The world is focused on Syria getting out, but must recognize Iran is poised to take its place.”

I don’t think, therefore, that Syria should stay there, but I wonder if there’s something the US could do to keep this from happening. I have no delusions that making nice in Lebanon and helping them keep their independence will somehow ingratiate us with the hostile regimes there (nothing has so far), but we really don’t want a heavy Iranian influence that close to Israel.

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