This would really ma…
This would really make things diplomatically worse in the Middle East.

Israel says it has learned that the Lebanese-based Hizballah intends to transfer the two Israeli soldiers it abducted on Wednesday to Iran. That word came today from a senior official in Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

Israel is now sounding downright Bush-esque.

Israel is now linking Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas all together in what it calls an “axis of terror and hate” that threatens the entire world.

This collusion seems to be working smoothly, as though it was already arranged. This should surprise no one.

Initially, Israel said it was holding Lebanon responsible for the Hizballah attack that opened a new front in the war on Wednesday. Hizballah fired rockets at Israel, killed eight Israeli soldiers in cross-border attacks, and abducted two other soldiers.

Now Israeli officials are saying that Lebanon is not the only responsible party – Syria and Iran are also involved.

Is this part of a widening Mideast war? There are a number of wars against Israel that are sometimes just referred to by the year they happened. Will “2006” be added to this list?

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