Let’s play “Spot the…
Let’s play “Spot the Contradiction”!

While hundreds of Americans plan to take part in volunteer patrols of the U.S.-Mexican border next month, they’ll apparently have some company from the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to the Tucson Citizen, the Arizona chapter of the ACLU wants to monitor the activities of those on patrol.

The group is looking to recruit “observers” who will trail the Minuteman members searching for illegal aliens along the border in Cochise County, Ariz.

“We will be there to make sure they’re not abusing anybody’s rights,” the ACLU’s Ray Ybarra told the paper.

He says a team of attorneys will be ready to file civil cases against project participants should any abuses occur.

Quick, what rights do illegal aliens have by virtue solely of having walked across the border (again, illegally)? Contestants, you have 5 minutes to peruse your copy of the Constitution. Go!

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